i안전규격j인도 BIS증서의 발행방식이 QR Code로 발행방식이 변경되었습니다.






인도표준국BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards)는BFresh,Inclusion,Renewal안건에 대하여, 

추후B인도표준국 직원의 서명이 들어간 BIS증서를 발행하지 않고, 

각 안건별로 QR@Code를 발행하게 되었습니다. 


이 QR@Code를 읽는 것을 통해, 

각 안건의 정보를 열람할 수 있습니다. 



UBIS웹사이트     U원문U


08 01 2019

Registration Department BIS, HQ

Our Ref: Registration/G-14:1


Subject: Issue of letters with QR Codes

It has been decided by Competent Authority that hard copies of letters being issued for CRS activities be discontinued. Instead, a system generated letter with QR code will be issued for these services by BIS. The QR Code has been incorporated in letter for Grant of licence, inclusion and renewal.

On scanning the QR Code, the link will redirect to respective page on CRS website from where the content of the letter would get generated for verification.

These letters will be system generated and will replace the ink signed letters issued by BIS. The letters will be available for print in applicant’s login at the same place where earlier the letters for grant of licence, inclusion and renewal were available respectively.

These changes come into effect for letters issued with effect from 08 th January 2019.

Since the letters will be system generated and its content will be based on the data entered on portal by the manufacturers/applicants, hence, the manufacturers/applicants are advised to take precautions and double check the data before submitting any request on the portal.

The circular is being hosted for information to all.



Sd/-@@Nishat S. Haque @@Head(Registration)